Yeah I'm getting lazier and lazier with the titles. Just pretend it's deep and meaningful because...technically it's actually related to what I'm about to talk about.

I've just finished watching the movie called Hal The Movie. It's an anime movie about a girl in depression because of her (boy?)friend's death by plane crash. To bring life back to her, her grandfather biologically altered a robot called Q01 to look like Hal and sent him over to the girl (named Kurumi by the way) to fulfill her wishes, which were written on rubik cubes Robo!Hal need to solve first.

The movie was beautiful, the pacing was great and as we see life slowly comes back to Kurumi as she warms up to the new Hal, we have the sense of happiness creeping into us thinking "maybe whatever bad I'm facing right now can be solved if I only find someone like Robo!Hal".



Although I do find the movie beautiful and touching, I also dislike the concept of a girl being lost in a traumatic problem, relying on an outside force - classically in most romance stories, a perfect boy, a knight in shining armour - to drag her from the put of depression and to think ahead again. For me, I don't think anyone should expect someone like that to appear in their lives and save them. Sure it does happen, you find someone you can rely on and it brings you hope and a reason to live on, yet in my opinion these people should be a bonus, something extra delightful for your life rather than your soul reason to exist.

Before romanticists out there start hating me for this, try to consider this. Another person is, well....another person. They're another individual with their own life and problems and to put it in TFIOS's cheesy line, another infinity. For them to be the reason for your infinity, your life is completely irrelevant because they have their own to care about. Two infinities way co-exist and support each other yet one is not a subset of the other. Even parents and their offspring.

I'm trying to keep it short here and just say that you are in charge of your own life, not anyone else. People come and people goes, some are determined to stay yet they have their own infinities and they do not have a great enough power to control yours too. Besides, humans are naturally self-centred. No matter how much you rely on someone all you think about is mainly how he or she contributes to YOUR life without accounting about their own.

Spoiler alert for the anime movie if you're interested to watch it.

Yet in the end of the movie, it was revealed that the one who died in the plane crash was actually Kurumi, and Hal is the living person. Hal had undergo a trauma so severe, blaming himself over Kurumi's death that he believes he's a robot. The true robot, Q01 was actually altered into becoming Kurumi to help Hal have a reason to live, and Kurumi's grandpa simply led Hal to believe that he's Q01 turned into Hal to help Kurumi instead.

So what changes about this story to me? Everything.

This beautiful movie taught you that helping others may help you help yourself. Though I said earlier that humans are incapable of controlling someone else's life completely, you may contribute and co-exist and by that, help yourself be alive. Hal later on discovers about this fact and even after Robo!Kurumi's death (long story), Hal lives on, inspired by his ability to help Robo!Kurumi, who was actually behaving depressed because Q01/Robo!Kurumi couldn't process human feelings and Kurumi's memories untill Hal showed her how.

So moral value of the day (because I think I wrote too long heh, sorry) is that your life is your own universe. You are responsible for it and you yourself need to find ways to live no matter what's thrown at you. But it doesn't mean you shouldn't contribute to others' lives. In fact, humans community survive by supporting each other, completing the missing puzzles and pushing on when we're down and lost. So rather than you sit around waiting for your knight in shining armour, put on a shining armour (borrow my polish, it's extra shine) and go on adventures, pulling up people and help them put on their shining armour (I could start a business selling polish) and be side-by-side to face that dragon in your way.

Besides, the ultimate goal in human companionship is to find someone you can co-exist together for the rest of your life, right?


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